For the project this week I decided to go with a Tic-Tac-Toe Board, as it means I’ll have to make 2 pairs of 5 repeatable shapes for the board. Each side needs to have a distinct shape, created on the drill press and band saw, that is consistent and attainable. It also forces me to practice more woodworking because for week one’s project I only used acrylic.

Planning Piece Cut-Outs

While the original plan called for cube placed on inset squares, I quickly came to realize that it would not be feasible to do so without more advanced techniques and switched instead to cylinders placed on inset circles. Pictured to the left is the first test of the using the drill press and a 2″ hole saw bit to make a cylindrical game piece. It is a bit rough and has some blowout, but shows that this most basic design is theoretically reproducible.

Hole Saw Cuts

Here are the five cut-out pieces for what will eventually be the darker/stained side with no central holes. These will lay around until the final few stages of the project when I get around to sanding and staining. On the side there are a few burn marks on the first couple pieces from where the drill bit stalled out, but they will be covered up later.

Next, I finished another five cut out pieces, drilling another hole through the latter 5 to make them into ‘o’s. Next I sanded both types down, and dyed the filled in pieces to provide some color differentiation.

The board is a solid block of wood into which I used a 2″ Forstner Bit to drill holes in which I could place the pieces and not have them fly about when moved or bumped. I also dyed the board to make it look appealing and cover up any inconsistencies.

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