Mini-Project: Motors and Servos

Given the pressing time constraints for the project and the limited amount of brainstorming time, I decided that it’d be best to pursue a very small and simple scope for the project. I found a fan on the junk shelf, so I could use that as the motor and attach some streamers to it to make a neat little contraption. This would require only a couple modifications:

  1. The creation of a laser-cut faceplate and mount to put the fan inside
  2. The creation of streamers to attach to the faceplate

To begin work on the mini-project, I first searched online for the fan modal number to find the exact dimensions of the hole and cutout spacing. Relatively quickly I found a technical PDF containing all the information I needed (In metric, though of course the conversion was easy enough). This allowed me to create the laser-cuttable AI file.

During laser cutting, I ran into numerous issues. I couldn’t figure out a way to get the cut done effectively without also burning the paper. After adjusting the settings many times and trying to figure out frequency it still wouldn’t cut through even after 5+ pass throughs. I ended up not being able to finish in on the 60 watt within the 2 hour time period given.

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